Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Block Nine with Jovita Goldschmidt

Here we are at Block Nine.  Awesome!  This block has been a little interesting to work on.  Interesting because Jovita lives on the other side of the pond.  The time zone difference making communicating by email a slower process than usual.  I think it is amazing that in our Layer Cake Quilt Along group we have people from all over the world! 

Jovita's blog is: http://jovitaspatchwork.blogspot.com/.

Here's Jovita!

I’m a native of the Pacific Northwest (USA) and am happily married to the love of my life. Axel is originally from Germany so you’ll often finding us jumping back and forth across the pond to visit friends and family.

My love for fabrics and creating things began at a very young age as I watched my mom sew work shirts, wedding clothes, play clothes, swimwear and even underwear for myself and seven siblings while my dad worked, gardened and bartered to feed his brood at home.

As a result of their amazing inspiration, I am surrounded by craftsmen: everything from woodworking to ceramic art, tole painting and cross-stitching to knitting and more – oh, did I mention quilting? My mom and four sisters are all quilters.

I also love to garden and to cook and bake, but hate the clean-up and can really get lost in a good book - especially if it’s a historical novel but only if it’s based on true fact.

When I’m not sewing, I’m dreaming up a new design for this or that, updating the shop’s website, sitting with a cup of coffee on the porch staring at the garden with a blank notebook next to me ready to jot down, scribble or draw the next crazy idea whether it be a quilt, something to paint on the wall, a sketch of a newflower bed, something “to do” or a note to a friend . . .

. . . you get the picture right? . . . my brain never stops!

Jovita has 4 variations for her block.  These blocks aren't actually sewn together yet.  She has sewn the 9 pieces together and rotated them to come up with 4 variations. 

Here's what I came up with!  It was fun rotating and playing.  I wanted to have my yellow be star points, but then I liked the white design better this way.

So what happens next?

Well, any pictures posted in the flickr group by tonight will be entered into the first drawing. About 10 ish tonight (Mountain Time) I will post my Block EIGHT. All blocks BEFORE mine are those entered into the first drawing. It doesn't matter which block - just the one's posted before mine. If you post your block AFTER mine, then it will be entered into the next drawing. I will post the winners tomorrow.

What's up for grabs this time?

I actually don't know. . . .  We will have two mystery prizes up for grabs this time.  

Happy Quilting!


Irina said...

wow! I really like this block!

Karen said...

Choices! Choices!! This block is awesome.
Konda, thanks so much for the quilt-along and getting great designers. These last couple blocks have been really great.


I love your block but I must tell you that when I printed it it came out so light I could tell what the patterns were. I will have to continue to go back and forth to the computer.

Cathy said...


Well I am doing both the layer cake and the block a palooza quilt alongs and I made this block from teh palooza fabric. That is to say it is great and I love it but it is in the wrong fabric for my the color ways I chose for the layer cake. So as you wished I will do a different version for the layer cake block. It was fun to do but when I finally realized I had mixed up the quilt alongs it was too late I had already finished the block.

Oh!! It took me a bit to figure out what I had done. DUH!! The key to a great quilt is to keep your quilt alongs straight. I had fun too. Back to make a layer cake block from a different lay out of you block.
And since I love the block I did make I will turn it into a pillow or a tote bag.

Thanks for the tutorial it was fun.